Chem Science Company Donates Frogs To Pasadena High School

Together with the South Houston High School, Dixie Chemical is trying to encourage students to take an interest in science. As such, the chem science company recently donated frog kits for STEM students to use in their biology courses.

Chem Science Company Jumps at Opportunity to Expand Science Opportunities

STEM students at South Houston High SchoolHealth Science CTE teacher Missy Cruz worked with Kelli Gregory, Dixie Chemical’s Procurement & Business Vice President, to bring frog kits to the school. The two recognized that there was a deficiency in the classroom and worked together to see what the chemical science company could do to give the Medical Professional Tract students the opportunity to dissect frogs.  

“It is great that industry can work together with educators to provide these opportunities.”
-Kelli Gregory, Procurement & Business Vice President, Dixie Chemical

Chem science company donates frog kits

Frog dissection has several benefits to students, primarily by helping students learn about the internal structures of the animals, which closely resembles that of humans. STEM students are then able to understand the complexity of organisms in a hands-on learning environment that provides insight into ecology and evolution, all through frog dissection.

This exercise is also practical for future doctors, biologists and scientists who may perform surgery or dissections in their future careers.  

Advancing STEM Initiatives

This is the first time that the chemical science company has donated to South Houston High School, which is in the Pasadena Independent School District. It’s one of the only schools in the area where students can learn through technology and project-based learning.

STEM programs, like the ones found locally in Pasadena, help bridge the ethnic and gender gaps found in the math and science fields, while increasing the roles of women and minorities in STEM-related fields.

Last month, Dixie Chemical continued its partnership with the high school when it took part in a career fair. The chem science company hopes to further educate younger generations about the emerging chemical engineering field and encourage the future workforce to consider chemical manufacturing as a potential career. 

Supporting the industry is of utmost importance to Dixie Chemical Company. Through supporting local STEM programs and community events like MakeHarvard, Imagine Chemistry, and others, Dixie Chemical encourages students to explore the wide world of science careers, particularly those in the chemical science field.

About Dixie Chemical Company

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