Dixie Chemical Helps Lobby for Composites Research at Infrastructure Day

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) recently hosted its annual Infrastructure Day February 13-14, 2019. In it’s forth year, the event featured a legislative fly-in to host more than 90 meetings with Congressional offices. Several Dixie Chemical representatives were among the 40+ industry executives who were part of the event in support of composites research.

Dixie Pushes for Composites Research Legislation

Industry Execs Lobby for Composites Research

Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) meets with Infrastructure Day attendees, from left to right: Richa Bansal, Zoltek; Kevan Rusk, Dixie Chemical; Gabrielle Goldfarb, ACMA; Congressman Babin; Gary Gladysz, Dixie Chemical; Mike Gromacki, Dixie Chemical; Alison Clark, Arkema. Photo from ACMA.

A large part of Infrastructure Day was dedicated to supporting NIST composites research legislation, specifically a Congressional study questioning if composite structures could improve electric grid reliability. Dixie Chemical was represented by Kevan Rusk, Syntactic Foam and Alternative Energy Sales; Gary Gladysz, Senior Technical Advisor of Syntactic and Structural Foams; and Mike Gromacki, President.

In addition to advocating for research, the chemical industry executives received a briefing on the TRB Bridge study. They also heard from inside expert speakers, including those from ThinkP3, the Federal Highway Administration, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ensuring a Future in Composites

The support, learning and push for composites research did not end with Infrastructure Day. Attendees and ACMA staff plan to follow up with Congressional officials to ensure that the meetings held during the event will lead to meaningful bills. This follow up will likely include tours of plants, like Dixie Chemical, and memberships in the Congressional Composites Caucas.

The Caucas is comprised of 23 Congress men and women who serve to educate other Members of Congress and staff about the $45 billion composites industry, which employs around 300,000 people in small businesses across the country. The Caucus is also a vehicle for Members of Congress to work together on issues of the composites and chemical industries. The group serves both nationally and in specific Congressional districts.

Dixie Chemical strives for open innovation, both within the company and working together with other industry leaders such as with Infrastructure Day. Dixie’s collaboration with NYU is another example of ongoing partnerships that improve the specialty materials industry as a whole.

For more information about thermoset composites and research: https://www.dixiechemical.com/chemical-markets/thermoset-composites/

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