Dixie Chemical Company Announces Appointment of Mike Gromacki as President


HOUSTON, TX – Dixie Chemical Company, Inc. (“Dixie Chemical”) announced that in March 2016 Michael (Mike) Gromacki was appointed President by the Board of Directors (Mr. Gromacki is pictured below).

Michael Gromacki, President of Dixie Chemical Company -a chemical industry leader

David Evans, Chairman of the Board of Dixie Chemical Company and Glencoe Diversified Holdings, LLC, said, “I am pleased to announce that Mike will be leading our company. He has the vision, the operational experience, and the leadership to drive Dixie Chemical to our growth target.”

Mr. Gromacki has served Dixie Chemical Company since March 2009 in progressive roles including Vice President of Operations, Chief Technology Officer, and Senior Vice President. He led the turnaround of its manufacturing base, created a market-facing R&D team, re-branded the business for open innovation, and developed significant new accounts and revenue.

Mr. Gromacki was previously a Vice President of the former TOTAL S.A., a subsidiary of Cook Composites & Polymers, a specialty resin manufacturer.  He holds board roles in several industry associations, including the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA).

“It is my privilege to lead Dixie Chemical and our outstanding employees through a period of exciting growth. We have a strong and balanced business, an entrepreneurial culture, and the talent, teamwork, and management systems to support transformative growth,” said Mr. Gromacki.

About Glencoe Diversified Holdings, LLC

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About Dixie Chemical Company

Since 1946, Dixie Chemical has been committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-performance chemical products that improve our world. With 300 customers in 25 countries, Dixie Chemical is a proven partner for open innovation in thermoset materials, alkaline paper sizing, and fuel and lube markets. For more information, visit www.dixiechemical.com.