Dixie Chemical Partners with Industry Leaders to Produce Epoxy Resin System

PASADENA, TX, May 2018 – Dixie Chemical pushes advancements in its epoxy resin system through a partnership with specialty chemical industry leaders. Together, the innovative group is working to develop an all-composite wall panel for modular buildings.

The Specially Formulated Epoxy Resin System

epoxy resin system is featured in development of an all-composite wall panel by Dixie

From Composites Manufacturing Magazine

To develop the epoxy resin system and wall panel, Dixie Chemical assembled a team of industry experts. Partners include Engineered Syntactic Systems, Core Composites, Clear Carbon & Components Inc. and Hunter Buildings LLC. The collaboration features feedback on materials, as well as production on everything from engineering to reinforcements and blast-resistant buildings. Currently, the panels are undergoing various tests. However the team expects the first panels will be installed in prototype buildings late this year.

This collaborative, innovative effort was recently featured in Composites Manufacturing Magazine. What makes the wall panels so impressive is their resistance to damage. Dixie Chemical’s Business Development Manager, Vinay Mishra, Ph.D., describes the panel, designed to withstand various levels of energy absorption, particularly shock waves from explosions that occur in close proximity. The key: a new anhydride-cured epoxy resin system formulated for strength and high glass transition temperatures (Tg). It also uses a proprietary variation of the resin infusion process.

Epoxy resins are a top choice for demanding applications like the wall panels. Michael Watkins, Senior Technical Advisor for Epoxy Thermosets at Dixie Chemical, explains that their end users are looking for better and higher performance. “In the old days, polyesters and vinyl esters worked just fine. Now if people want higher performance, higher strength or higher temperature service, then they are starting to look at epoxies.”

Dixie Chemical is no stranger to collaborative efforts in the specialty chemicals industry. The company was also recently featured in Advanced Materials & Processes magazine for it’s work with Evonik and NYU on developing an online tool for syntactic foam. Collaborative, open innovation is a key principle in Dixie Chemical’s ongoing work.

About Dixie Chemical Company

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