Dixie’s own Alexander Grous contributes to sustainable chemistry and engineering article on Green Resins

[Pasadena, Texas] – November, 2015

Alexander Grous, Dixie Chemical’s Process Development Engineer, has contributed to an article in Composite World titled “Green Resins:  Closer to Maturity”

As more players approach the market, R&D expands, but overall market growth in the composites arena is still slow but steady. Dixie Chemical Company’s Process Development Engineer explains the company’s sustainable chemistry and engineering efforts in a recent article featured in Composite World.

A sustainable chemistry and engineering excerpt from the article:

“Dixie offers two lines, MAESO and MAELO, based on soybean oil and linseed oil feedstocks, respectively. Dixie’s development engineer Alexander Grous explains that while epoxidized linseed and soy oils have been around for years, Dixie’s versions are functionalized with maleic anhydride and other chemistries to incorporate reactive sites. The resins have properties comparable to typical UPRs, and like conventional resin systems, contain a reactive diluent, such as styrene, vinyl toluene or Dixie’s bio-based methacrylated fatty acid (MFA): “The typical formulation is 33% by weight reactive diluent. In systems using styrene and vinyl toluene, the bio-based content is about 65% by weight. However, when our MFA, which has a bio-based content of 60% itself, is used to replace styrene, the total bio-based content in the resin can be increased up to 85% by weight — a positive for sustainability.” Grous adds that, due to its linear structure, MFA also can increase resin flexibility and toughness, yet maintain low viscosity for processing.”

About Dixie Chemical Company:
Since 1946, Dixie Chemical has been committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-performance products that improve our world through sustainable chemistry and engineering. With 300 customers in 25 countries, Dixie Chemical is a proven partner for open innovation in thermoset materials, alkaline paper sizing, and fuel and lube markets. For more information, visit www.dixiechemical.com.