Global Chemicals Industry Leader Dixie Chemical Named Industry of the Year

Global Chemicals Industry Leader Dixie Chemical Named 2017 Industry of the Year!The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Dixie Chemical as the 2017 Industry of the Year. As a leader in the global chemicals industry, Dixie is committed to an open innovation approach, using chemistry to enhance how people experience the world around them.

What Does it Mean to be Industry of the Year?

One of the things that sets Dixie Chemical apart from other businesses in the specialty chemical industry is their commitment to community and industry involvement.

“By taking an approach of open innovation and taking an approach of community engagement and employee engagement, we get people involved and create a spirit of engagement and a culture of collaboration,” said Dixie Chemical President Michael Gromacki in a video produced by the Chamber of Commerce.

This closely aligns with the Chamber of Commerce’s mission to promote economic development and community growth for Pasadena’s businesses and citizens.

The Texas-based company actively seeks partnerships within the community to provide residents with opportunities for STEM education, youth development and workforce development.

“One of the critical aspects of being in the chemical manufacturing sector is understanding that you have a social license to operate and that you need to do things right for your employees, for the community, for the environment. Those are all part of your overall responsibilities.”

-Michael Gromacki, Dixie Chemical President

Dixie in the Community

Some of the things Dixie does within the community:

  • Work with Pasadena ISD schools to provide funds, science materials and STEM education through science experiments and opportunities to experience science in new ways.
  • Sponsor Boy Scout troop activities.
  • Work with ECMA workforce development and other volunteering opportunities that teach students about the industry to encourage manufacturing as a career choice.
  • Judging school science fairs.
  • Sponsoring and supporting local philanthropy projects, such as shoe drives.


Gromacki believes that employees are truly invaluable when it comes to community involvement. “The employees who live in the community have a very strong understanding of where the needs are. So they can often find very good areas for us to contribute,” commented Gromacki.

Click the image above to see why Dixie Chemical was awarded 2017 Industry of the Year by the Pasadena, Texas Chamber of Commerce


The video above provides an in-depth look at other community projects Dixie has worked on with the Armand Bayou and Wildlife Habitat Council and the Armand Bayou Nature Center to help reduce flooding and encourage coastal prairies. 

Mark Kramer with the Armand Bayou Nature Center worked with Dixie Chemical to try to create and enhance habitat on Dixie’s property. “Habitat lost is the single biggest environmental issue we face worldwide… so every small parcel that we have that we can preserve that habitat benefits nature in an area where increasingly that type of wild real estate is hard to find,” commented Kramer.

A Leader in the Global Chemicals Industry

Dixie Chemical has been in the chemical manufacturing business and global chemicals industry for over 70 years. It was founded in 1946 and has been part of Pasadena’s Bayport Industrial District for about 50 years.

The company is committed to market growth through the development of products that support clean technology and sustainable chemistry.

Dixie is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of thermoset materials, high performance specialty anhydrides for paper and lubricants, and the functional fluids market. Its products support industrial trends like automotive and aerospace composites, wind energy, electrical power reliability, clean fuels and lubricants and sustainable infrastructure.