Dixie Chemical’s Michael Gromacki Publishes Article on Open Innovation

[Pasadena, Texas] – June, 2015


Michael Gromacki, Dixie Chemical’s Senior Vice President, has published an article titled “Innovative Thinking:  How Open Innovation Enables Success.”


“Innovative Thinking” appears in the 2015 Second Quarter issue of Economic Alliance Magazine. In the article Gromacki highlights the use of open innovation and chemical innovation at Dixie Chemical, as well as the success it has brought the company.

Chemical Innovation from Open Innovation

Gromacki describes open innovation as “combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market to advance the development of new technologies.” Dixie Chemical has certainly used this collaborative approach to advance chemical innovation, leading to much growth and success for the company.

Excerpt from “Open Innovation”:

Dixie Chemical was founded in the late 1940s thanks to the innovative vision of their founder, Stanley Morian. The courage and ingenuity of that generation, in companies large and small, created much of the remarkable chemical infrastructure currently in the Galveston Bay Area and along the Houston Ship Channel. This region has rapidly reached a scale to rival the chemical manufacturing strength of places like Rotterdam in Europe.

Today, the chemicals sector is a truly global business with rapid growth in Asia and the Middle East; it must rely on innovative new mechanisms to drive growth and profitability. Market maturity and consolidation have compressed the size of R&D and technical support divisions in many companies. Thus, the path to innovation for market growth or process improvement is at higher risk with greater pressure from management and shareholders for commercial success and higher hit ratios.

Mike Gromacki Article on Open Innovation and Chemical Innovation

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About Dixie Chemical Company
Since 1946, Dixie Chemical has been committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-performance products that improve our world.  With 300 customers in 25 countries, Dixie Chemical is a proven partner for open innovation in thermoset materials, alkaline paper sizing, and fuel and lube markets.  For more information, visit www.dixiechemical.com.