Wildlife at Work Certification Achieved

[Pasadena, Texas] – November 11, 2014


Dixie Chemical’s facility in Pasadena, Texas has just been certified as a “Wildlife at Work” site by the Wildlife Habitat Council. This certification recognizes Dixie’s demonstration project which successfully restored a portion of its site to native coastal prairie wildlife habitat. As part of a multi-year sitewide habitat plan developed with the Wildlife Habitat Council, Dixie employees and the site’s contractors cleared and graded two acres of land that had been overrun by an invasive tree species called Chinese Tallow. The land was then planted with a variety of native grasses and wildflowers. This project showcases just one way Dixie is committed to sustainable chemistry and the environment.

Due to the facility’s close proximity to Armand Bayou Nature Center, the Dixie site can help improve local biodiversity by extending the area that is habitable for migratory birds, pollinators, and small animals. Armand Bayou Nature Center and the surrounding properties account for most of the remaining tall grass prairie in the Southeast Houston area.

The project has been generating positive interest and feedback from the community, prompting Dixie to expand its habitat and sustainable chemistry efforts both on-site and off. The company recently donated crushed granite for the construction of a hummingbird habitat at Seabrook Intermediate School. Dixie is planning for additional prairie restoration work on its property in late 2015.

About Dixie Chemical
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