2018 CAMX – Annual Composites and Advanced Materials EXPO

CAMX The Composites and Advanced Materials EXPO

October 15-18, 2018 – Dallas, TX

The Annual Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) is coming to Dallas,Texas between Tuesday, October 16th and Thursday, October 18th, 2018. For the first time ever, Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) will be co-locating with CAMX so attendees can explore both exhibit floors at no additional costs. CAMX is the composite and advanced materials industry’s leading North American event.

Why Learn More About Composite and Advanced Materials?

CAMX is the industry’s largest and most extensive composites and advanced materials event. By attending, individuals will first-handedly witness cutting edge technology, gain innovative industry knowledge, and have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and experts.

What to Expect at CAMX

During the expo, attendees can expect to to attend to understand and learn more about important development and trends within the industry, live manufacturing demonstrations, variety of educational sessions, and so much more. This three-day event will leave you with a sense of community in the industry and better understanding of all the latest composites and advanced materials technology.

To attend CAMX, visit this link. To learn more about CAMX and what expect, visit the website. More Dixie industry events. 

2018 CAMX - Annual Composites and Advanced Material Expo