2019 Thermoset Materials Topical Conference – Charleston, SC

2019 Thermoset Materials Topical Conference

February 19-20, 2019 – CHARLESTON, SC

The annual Thermoset Materials TOPCON is a conference that connects members in the thermoset material supply chain. From resin and reinforcement, to additives,  chemicals, suppliers, compounders, processors and OEMs. – all are represnted. This is the only conference of its kind in the U.S. dedicated solely to thermosets.

Hosted by SPE Thermoset Division, TOPCON brings together the thermoset industry with speakers and authorities in the precursor resin, additive and compound spaces. Attendees and presenters gather to discuss updates regarding advancements in both ‘virtual’ and ‘actual’ thermoset processing techniques, in addition to exhibits and networking events.

Papers are currently being accepted by the SPE Thermoset Division for consideration at the 2019 conference.

Thermoset Materials Conference