Green Polymer Chemistry Conference 2014 – Mar. 18-20, 2014

Green Polymer Chemistry Conference | March 18-20, 2014 – Cologne, Germany

Dixie Chemical will be attending.

ABOUT The Conference

The Green Polymer Chemistry conference provides an ideal forum for today’s market, as the polymer industry looks at alternatives to petrochemical sources to ensure a viable long-term future. Green Polymer Chemistry 2014 is a forum to examine the latest developments in producing conventional polymers from sustainable sources including plants and biorefineries, algae, waste and CO2. What is the LCA and availability of the alternative sources, and is there competition with food and bioethanol for automotive? What polymers are already available in the marketplace?
Green Polymer Chemistry 2014 conference offers an excellent networking and sourcing opportunity for brand owners, environment and sustainability managers, business development and innovation professionals, chemical engineers, plastics manufacturers, agriculture specialists, biorefinery experts, biochemists,  researchers, and suppliers to the industry to debate sustainable, economic solutions for polymer synthesis.