ILMA 2018 Annual Meeting – October 6-9, 2018 – Palm Desert, CA

ILMA 2018 Annual Meeting

October 6-9, 2018 – Palm Desert, CA


Since 1948, the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) has been the voice of member companies that produce more than a quarter of the nation’s automotive lubricants and three-quarters of its metalworking fluids for customers who use their products to improve performance and increase efficiency.

Our members make specialized lubricants for everything from backhoes to bone screws. Their products keep planes in the air; cars on the road; and the machines in businesses, households and hospitals running efficiently. Without lubricants and metalworking fluids, American businesses and manufacturing would grind to a halt.

Through our enforceable Code of Ethics, ILMA promotes integrity and quality in lubricant manufacturing and marketing.

Our top priority is providing the safest, highest-quality products to customers for industrial, transportation and household use. We support policies based on sound science, rigorous analysis and common sense that keep our customers, employees and communities safe, while protecting our business model — providing individual solutions for our customers’ needs.

ILMA also serves as a technical and educational resource to members, their customers and lawmakers.

For decades, our members’ scientists have deepened the pool of research and enriched the technical and educational resources that inform our members, our industry and lawmakers.