10th International Conference on Bio-based Chemicals and Materials – Cologne, Germany

10th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

May 10-11, 2017 – Cologne, Germany

ABOUT The Bio-Based Chemicals ConferenceAnnual Conference on Bio-based Chemicals

The goal of the 10th International Conference on Bio-based Materials is to provide the international major players from bio-based chemicals, building blocks, polymers and industrial biotechnology industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies. Based on previous successful conferences, over 300 participants and 30 exhibitors are expected.

A main focus of the conference will be bio-based building blocks for polymers. New bio-based building blocks like furan derivatives, succinic acid and 1,4-butanediol, are entering the market, giving the opportunity to create brand new bio-based polymers.

This event highlights innovation, in addition to dedicating a session to young and promising start-ups. High-potential start-ups from the field of bio-based chemistry, polymers and biotechnology are invited to present to the industry and network with potential investors. To further honor and acknowledge new developments in the innovative bio-based chemicals and materials industry, the participants of the conference choose the winner of the sought-after innovation award: “Bio-based Material of the Year.”