Open Innovation Ideas at JEC World 2019 – Paris, France

JEC World 2019

March 12-14, 2019 – Paris, France

JEC World 2019 is idea to gain open innovation ideas in a variety of industries, including: automotive, sustainable energy, aerospace, building and civil engineering, medical, railway and sports and leisure. JEC is specifically made for those working in fibers (carbon, glass, natural), machines and process, additives and resins.  “From intermediate to finished parts processors, JEC World is made for you.”

Open Innovation Ideas for Both Users and Suppliers

JEC World is the largest and most important trade fair, for both end-users and suppliers, and everyone looking for open innovation ideas and solutions, such as:

  • More lightweight along with less environmental impact.
  • More resistance leading to better effectiveness.
  • Strength and durability lasting throughout the product life cycle.
  • Enhanced attractiveness, better design.

JEC events are growing constantly, and JEC 2019 promises to be unique and unsurpassed. Join over 42,000 international professionals from Academic, Research and Industry for an unforgettable opportunity to learn and network!

Join the JEC World 2019!

Open Innovation Ideas at JEC 2019