Specialized Lubricants 2018 Annual Meeting – October 6-9, 2018 – Palm Desert, CA

Specialized Lubricants – ILMA 2018 Annual Meeting

October 6-9, 2018 – Palm Desert, CA

The Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) has been the voice of member companies since 1948. Member companies produce more than one quarter of the country’s automotive lubricants and three-quarters of its metalworking fluids.  Customers use their products to increase efficiency and improve performance.

ILMA members make specialized lubricants for everything from backhoes to bone screws. These products keep planes flying in the air and cars driving on the road. The machines are running efficiently in households, businesses and hospitals. Without these essential lubricants and metalworking fluids, American businesses and manufacturing would certainly stop in their tracks.

The 2018 ILMA Annual Meeting is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Come lift a glass to this great organization that has been working tirelessly for the industry since 1948!

Specialized Lubricants Manufacturers Meeting