STLE Annual Meeting– May 15-19, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV, USA

STLE Annual Meeting for Chemical Engineers and Lubrication Professionals

May 15-19, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV, USA

ABOUT The Conference
The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers 2016 Annual Meeting includes more than 450 technical papers, application-based case studies and best practice reports. Chemical engineers have the opportunity to participate in or observe discussion panels on technical and market trends. Exhibits and commercial presentations spotlight the latest products and services of interest to chemical engineers and lubrication professionals. Business networking is another valuable part of the annual meeting experience.STLE 2016 Annual Meeting for Chemical Engineers

Education courses support the professional development needs and prepare engineers for one of STLE’s four certification programs: Certified Lubrication Specialist,™ Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist,™ and Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst I & II™. The STLE website recommends chemical engineers get certified for these reasons:

  • Gain recognition from your peers.
  • Become more valuable to your organization and customers.
  • Offers a competitive advantage.
  • Potential for increased income.
  • Commitment to ongoing educational opportunities and knowledge.
  • Immediate credibility to professionals in highly technical fields in the industry.