Syntactic and Composite Foams V – March 26 – 31, 2017 – Siracusa, Italy

Composites Conference: Syntactic and Composite Foams V

March 26 – 31, 2017 – Siracusa, Italy

Composites Conference: Syntactic and Composite Foams V in Italy

About the Conference

Presented by ECI, Syntactic foams and rigid polymer, metal, and ceramic foams containing a reinforcing and/or functional phase are the intended focus of this composites conference. These foams are typically used in applications that take advantage of their low density, very high specific properties, tailored pore structure, enhanced energy absorption characteristics, and flame retardant properties.

The scope of the composites conference will include fabrication, characterization, modeling, and applications of the foams; the production and characterization of reinforcing and functional materials specifically used for these foams (i.e. hollow spheres, micro/nanoparticles, particles with specific electric, magnetic, dielectric properties, thermal, biological, etc.).  SCF-V will include a new session topic: Renewables and Sustainability.  This will include the used of bio-based renewable material in foam formulations, “light-weighting” application for improved energy efficiency as well as well as important application of composite foams in renewable energy applications.