Research & Application

Dixie Chemical Company offers a wide variety of technical services for smart materials. The services available and processes depend on the needs of the customer, however services generally include synthesis, formulation and application support. For any of these services, the interaction begins with the customer’s direct contact with our Technology Director. The Director then works to facilitate further communication with the Technology Group and other appropriate departments.

R&D Equipment and Facilities for Smart Materials

  • Pressure reactors from 1-20 liters.
  • Glass reactors up to 50 liters.
  • Advanced Reactive Systems Screening Tool (ARSST) for process safety assessment.
  • On-site analytical instruments: GC, HPLC, GC/MS, DSC.
  • Local access to NMR, Crystallography and elemental analysis services.

Technology Group

Dixie Chemical’s Technology Group is staffed with highly skilled personnel. All members of Dixie and the Technology Group are committed to technology transfer for our core markets and chemistries, including smart materials, performance chemicals, advanced composites, polymer composites, and more. The group is comprised of Senior Chemists, Platform Leaders and Research Associates, all of whom have advanced degrees and diverse chemical and applications backgrounds. Our team and commitment to sustainable smart materials is truly what makes Dixie Chemical Company a standout in the chemistry industry.