Philosophy and Performance


Dixie is committed to continuous improvement of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) performance as well as compliance with applicable legal and industry requirements. A proud member of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), Dixie actively participates in their ChemStewards® Program which sets standards for excellence in EHSS performance. See our ChemStewards® page for further details.

Senior Management establishes and tracks ChemStewards® goals, objectives and targets.


Dixie systematically pursues reduction of waste and air emissions related to our manufacturing activities. Examples include:

  • Modifying processes and procedures to use less hazardous chemicals and generate less waste.
  • Establishing recovery and recycling protocols for solvents.
  • Controlling emissions using flares and thermal oxidizers.
  • Upgrading process instrumentation and equipment to minimize reaction waste and emissions.
  • Electronic monitoring of equipment for fugitive emissions.
  • Enhancing preventive maintenance program for minimization and elimination of equipment failures.

Dixie uses environmentally sound and compliant processes, including on-site recycling and reclamation activities or sustainable off-site treatment and disposal. Dixie’s wastewater is managed by the neighboring Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority.