Reducing our environmental footprint is an important part of sustainable chemistry and a core tenet of our Loss Control and Sustainability Policy. Dixie systematically pursues reduction of water and energy use, waste generation and air emissions related to our manufacturing activities.

Dixie uses environmentally sound and compliant sustainable chemistry processes, including on-site recycling and reclamation activities or sustainable off-site treatment and disposal. Dixie’s waste water is managed by the neighboring Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority for treatment.

Product Safety

Safer Products for People and Environment

Dixie takes pride in making products that are as safe as possible for the user and the environment. We take efforts to replace hazardous raw materials with materials that improve safety and reduce the environmental footprint. Several of our products can be used as replacements for hazardous materials down the supply chain. For example, our MC818 materials can suitably replace styrene, a possible carcinogen, in composites applications.

Our sustainable chemistry and environmental stewardship initiatives were recognized by the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) with their 2012 Sustainability Award.

Supply Chain Stewardship

Dixie’s commitment to stewardship does not stop at our fence line. We hold our suppliers accountable for safety and environmental performance through our Approved Supplier Program, and we ensure customers and transporters are prepared to handle our products safely.

We work side-by-side with customers to ensure safe handling and storage practices. For products with specific hazards, we have resources available to provide special sustainable chemistry training to workers and supervisors. Safety Datasheets are available for all products.