Syntactic Design

Design Your Own Syntactic Foam

Dixie Chemical believes that the future is bright for syntactic foams.  With the mega trends of component light-weighting and multi-functionality converging, Dixie Chemical is investing heavily in syntactic foam open innovation. Dixie Chemical has partnered with New York University to help break through some of the initial hurdles in syntactic foam design. The result of this partnership is an online design tool.

Since the 1970s syntactic foams have been utilized in applications that require high strength, low density, thermal insulating and the ability to dissipate high-energy impacts.  In addition, the ability to tailor syntactic foams to meet often-contradictory design criteria is a definite advantage.  However, with the wide variety of material choices and design options just getting started can sometimes be overwhelming.


Dixie Chemical Syntactic Design Tool Button
To see if a syntactic foam is right for your application, please try the online syntactic foam design tool by clicking the light-bulb icon to the left.


Experts in Syntactic Design and Foam Formulation

Dixie Chemical can help.  We have expertise in syntactic foam formulation and are key players in this field.  Dixie Chemical’s anhydride curatives have been responsible for many of the epoxy advancements leading to higher performing syntactic foams.   Please contact Dixie Chemical to discuss results, new syntactic foam applications and material design advice for your epoxy-based syntactic foams.  Email us at or call 1-281-291-3333.